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Any venues that allow you to BYOB?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone was aware of any venues in NH that would allows us to bring our own alcohol for the wedding. My mom has relationships with some vendors and it would be a way for us to have an open bar without breaking the bank. Anyone have any ideas? I'd appreciate any help you could offer!


Re: Any venues that allow you to BYOB?

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    My friend is getting married and her venue doesn't offer alcohol so she had to bring it all.
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    Our rehearsal dinner was at Dexter's Inn.  It's BYOB, plus a beautiful spot and John is a pleasure to work with.  You have to rent the entire inn, about 17-20 rooms, so it only works if you have enough guests coming from out of town.
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    I was talking with another bride-to-be about this the other day.  She said you could provide your own alcohol if you go through Kimball Jenkins in Concord and do not offer alcoholic beverages for sale at the venue. 

    The way she explained it to me is that you will be responsible for all of the alcohol and that they could not sell any with their license (liability reasons I guess?) 

    Basically I think you can do this anywhere they allow you to bring in your own caterer? (I could be wrong) I'd love to hear from someone who did this about the details for liability insurance, liquor licenses, etc. 

    Seems like a great way to work around doing an open-bar with a vendor to make it more affordable to do for the entire reception. 
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    I am getting married at Camp Ogontz in Lyman NH. Camp style and no liquor license so its all BYOB! 
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    Tumbledown Farm in Brookfield. Beautiful rustic barn.
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