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Aristide Event Center Reviews

Hi Ladies,

I looked at Aristide Event Center in Mansfield this past weekend and thought the venue was beautiful, but haven't heard much on if the food is good, staff, etc. Has anyone been to a wedding there, or had any good/bad experiences at the Aristide. I would love to hear any feedback!!

Thank you!

Re: Aristide Event Center Reviews

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    I had my wedding at The Aristide in November and I give them a C overall. They charge you an exorbitant fee to use an outside caterer and at the time they only had two to choose from, Oliver's and City Kitchen. City Kitchen was already booked at another venue on my date, so I had to use Oliver's. I was happy with the food and the service I received from Oliver's, though. As for the staff at The Aristide, I felt they left something to be desired. The price quotes one planner gave me in the very beginning did not match the quotes the other planner gave me once I'd already committed and paid the 6,000 deposit, which led to some major budget constraints. My Aristide planner that I had worked with throughout the entire process was sick on the day of my wedding, so she went home and left her assistant to run things in her place. The "assistant" was not helpful at all. Just a couple of examples, she didn't know the door code to allow us to get back into the bridal suite after the ceremony and she didn't know how to operate the system we played our slide show on, which caused technical difficulties in front of all the guests during the reception. The venue is gorgeous and I don't regret having my wedding there, but my advice to you is to hire an OUTSIDE wedding planner for your event. Jennifer from Altar Ego Weddings was my savior during this whole process and especially on the day of.
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    seteague, thank you for sharing your experience.  I hope everything else was perfect.  :)

    OP, reviews on WW are somewhat mixed--things like customer service and extra charges were the biggest complaints.  Someone else also echoed PP's suggestion of an outside wedding planner. 

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    Thank you both!
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