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Hi I just recently got engaged (therefore a new knottie!) and we are planning to tie the knot next summer which gives me much time to plan! However, I would like to book the venue a year in advance so I'm currently on the search for venues near the NRH, north Ft. Worth area. We saw the golf course in fossil creek (beautiful but we can only afford to have 125 guests there). We would want a venue for around 150-200 guests... we have a budget of around $5000 with food included. Any suggestions of venues around this area would be very helpful. Thanks!!!

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    $5k gives you $25-$30 person to work with (if you want alcohol, even less) so the smaller you can get the guest list the better. 

    White Chapel Estates and Northeast Wedding Chapel are two you might want to look at.  Green Oaks Wedding Chapel in Arlington.

    The YWCA in Ft. Worth is a popular budget friendly venue but it only holds around 150 I think (it says 175 on the website but I think that's stretching it.)

    If you're not opposed to Irving, maybe Hackberry Creek Country Club.
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