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Bride's family in DFW, Groom's fam. in Austin... Location?????

Im helping my best friend with her wedding. The big debate so far is where to have it. The Bride lives in Arlington. The Groom lives in Euless. The Bride's family is mostly in the DFW inner cities. The Groom's family is mostly in Killeen which is close to Austin. Groom suggested that it would be good to have the location at a half way point that way his family/friends doesn't have to drive 3 hours to the wedding. The Bride wants to be married in a church, but the only church she's familer with that is that far south from her is her sister's church in Mansfield. She has absolutly no clue where to have the reception. I was kinda hoping to get some help, some options. What would you do in this situation? 

Re: Bride's family in DFW, Groom's fam. in Austin... Location?????

  • Some churches won't allow you to get married there if you are not a member. Also people will travel for weddings so it's pretty much where ever they want to have it. I'm from dfw and FI is from corpus, all of his family is still attending.
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  • I agree with PP.  My husband's family is from Waco (and then scattered about Texas) and my family is from Oklahoma (and scattered about the country).  We got married in Dallas because it's where we lived and where our church was.

    I think your friend should stick to her guns on this one.  Their guests are not going to be THAT put out about traveling, especially a relatively short distance.



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    I'm going to a wedding in Grapevine next month.  That is about an hour away from me, plus will mean staying overnight at a hotel since it will be late and we will have been drinking.  The groom is an old friend of my husband's who he considers an acquaintance--if we are willing to do this for a friend my husband only sees occasionally, I don't think it's too much to ask of family to drive up and spend a weekend together for a close relative's wedding.  It's called what you do.

    Artside in Mansfield is a nice reception venue if it's in her budget and she decides to go that route.

  • My family is flying in from Ohio. Given the distance not everyone will make it, but no one has been upset about the distance and all are going to try to come down. A few hours drive is nothing.
  • It's harder to plan a wedding from a distance.  I think your friend and her FI should sit down and talk about the logistics of how it would work to plan a wedding away from home.  People do it all the time but it does take trips down to scout venues and meet with vendors, etc.  There could also be issues with transporting the wedding stuff down there if she gets a lot of it here.  Think about whether she will have help from her sister if she goes the Mansfield route, does she go to Mansfield all the time anyway, etc.  Then they should decide what they want to do.  I also don't think the 3 hour drive is a big deal but he knows his family.
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