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silk flowers?!

I'm having my second wedding next year and I'm wondering if having silk flowers would be cheesy? Anyone have any pics from weddings with silk flowers or know someone who uesd silk flowers?

Re: silk flowers?!

  • High end, real looking silk flowers usually cost as much as fresh. So, if you are hoping to save money in this way, it doesn't really help. I, personally, love flowers, so silk wasn't even an option for me. The weddings I have been to with silk always were obvious to me. But if your guests aren't flower people, they might not even notice.
  • I'm not a fan of silk. To me, they come off as cheap (even though that may or may not be the case). I would rather see a small arrangement of real flowers than a large arrangement of silk.
  • At first, I thought "no way" to silk flowers, but when I started seeing how much it would cost for the real stuff, I needed to trim those numbers down. My florist has some really nice silk flowers that look just like real ones. She showed me pictures of them at weddings she's done, and I never would have guessed they were fake. The cost of using those (since it's really just renting something she already has) over doing the real flowers made for a nice drop in price for us. We're only doing some silk arrangements, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the flowers will be silk. So it is an option to save some money. Just don't go to Hobby Lobby and buy something cheap that's noticeably fake.
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