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I am hoping to do cupcakes for my wedding, but when I priced it at my local mom-and-pop bakery at $3/cupcake for 175 people that comes to $525-- I'd love to give this place my business! But that seriously impedes my budget for "Everything Else", including decorations, hair & make-up-- is around $500 what a wedding cake would normally cost? I just really don't know.

The place I want to use-- it's so nice. The woman who runs it is super nice, everything looks beautiful, and they seem happy about what they do. It's located in Fishtown and called Whipped Bakeshop. They also do regular cakes there, for anyone looking for a cake/cupcake place.

But anyway, any help here?
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Re: Cupcakes?

  • Whipped Bakeshop is a "larger" business so they are going to charge more than what "smaller" businesses would charge. Do you know any smaller companies? Check out Sealed with a KYS (
  • I found another site that is cheaper -

    Whipped Bakeshop has been on many tv shows & magazines so I wouldn't consider them a mom and pop bakery. Once a business is featured on magazines and shows they automatically increase their price. I would visit farmers markets on check to see if they have vendors listed because they are usually the smaller companies and wont charge as much.

  • i would try hesh's bakery. they've been around forever and are really well known in northeast philadelphia. i believe they will even deliver for large orders.
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