Hotel near Manayunk with a Shuttle

Does anyone know of any htoels near Manayunk (KoP or Conshy) that will offer a shuttle service? I am having my recption at Manayunk Brew Pub (Sooooooooo exccited!!), but I want to have a shuttle service for our guests so taht they are safe.  A hotel shuttle would be ideal.

Any responses would be helpful!

Re: Hotel near Manayunk with a Shuttle

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    i did a quick search because i'm also having my wedding there. my fiance wants to book a block of rooms for guests, and it looks like the Crowne Plaza Philadelphia Mainline is a little over a mile away and it states

    Local Shuttle Info: free shuttle service within 5 miles of the hotel

    not sure if or how accurate this is. but you could try them. and let me know because i'm in the same boat, i'd like to offer a hotel with a shuttle for guests or even for myself and fiance and the bridal party.

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  • double tree on germantown pike near plymouth meeting mall has shuttle. or you can find local school buses that cost $550
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    We went with a hotel in Conshohocken, the Marriott Philadelphia West, because it was the cheapest for our guests ($99/night).  Still trying to nail down teh shuttle ... @ccb150 -- can't find a bus for only $550, but have found some shuttles.  I"ll let you know when we decide!!

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