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I'm just wondering how the whole name changing process goes down... do we do it after or before the wedding? where do I go? any advice would be phenomenal!!  
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Re: name change

  • You do it after the wedding. Take your marriage certificate to the social security office. They'll change that, and then once you get your new card- you can change everything else. Drivers License is usually next. It's super easy, just a lot of different places to remember to change it.

  • great, thanks! soc sec office, and DMV to change drivers license. got it!
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  • I bought a kit from with a groupon, and it was totally worth it - you fill out a bunch of basic info, then it fills out all of the different forms you need. You just print them out, add the required documents (usually marriage certificate and a copy of whatever you're changing your name on) and mail them in,
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