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Booking with last name or with maiden name?

Hi All,
We are getting ready to book our honeymoon, (wahoo!), and my FI and I are wondering if we should use my maiden name, or my new last name.  We are getting married on a Saturday and leaving for Mexico on Monday morning, so there will be no time to officially change my name.  I want to be Mrs. on the honeymoon, but don't want to get into any sort of sticky situation with having two different last names.
Any advice on how others have handled this?

Re: Booking with last name or with maiden name?

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    edited April 2013
    Use your maiden name as you will not have your marriage certificate prior to leaving, so you are still legally Miss Old Name, nor will you have the time to change your passport (which takes 3-4 weeks!). If the hotel knows it's your HM, they will call you Mrs. New Name. The airfare MUST match your passport.


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    I thought tha would be the case.  Thanks so much!

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    since your passport needs to match your tickets/reservations there's no possible way you can travel in your married  name.

    you will be a mrs. just not on your passport. no big deal.


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