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Any thoughts on travel insurance?  We are going to Mexico October 28th - November 4th, which is the tail end of hurricane season, but also the same time frame that Sandy hit last year.
Any ideas of how much it usually costs, and can we get it through most resorts, or should we use AAA or another agent for it?

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    I recommend gettng insurance for all major trips because anything can pop up and it's expensive to make changes. You can purchase a policy from insuremytrip.com, which allows you to compare to meet your needs or if you are booking with an agency (Expedia, Travelocity, or another agency),purchase the insurance through them. You want to make sure that the insurance covers all aspects of your trip, so if you book everything through one source, buy it through that source, or if you book things separately, buy it through insuremytrip.


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    I'm a big supporter of trip insurance. We went to St. Martin last October at the tail end of hurricane season. We ended up stuck there for 3 extra days after Sandy hit NY - trip insurance covered all of the costs we incurred those 3 days - hotel, food and drinks, and car rental.
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    ive used insuremytrip.com for years.
    what it covers/how much it costs depends on the specifics of your trip and the specific policy. vbe sure to read and understand the terms, limits, conditions and exclusions.


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    You have to comparison shop & read teh fine print when it comes to travel insurance.  So many factors go into the price:  the overall costs of the trip; your age; any pre-existing medical conditions you may have; the amount of coverage you want; the kind of coverage you want etc.  It's hard to say what you will pay but it's usually not very expensive considering what you stand to lose if something happens.  Also most major medical plans do not cover doctors or hospitals outside the US.
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    Definitely get travel insurance! I would never go on a trip without it.
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    YES trip insurance is a must. You never know what could come up. When you invest a lot of money to travel, why not protect it?
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    Agree with the other ladies. Use InsureMyTrip.com to compare all of teh big name breands. It will give you a nice side by side breakdown as well.


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