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Bridesmaid dress help

I only have 2 bridesmaids and want their dresses to be different yet coordinating. My maid of honor for sure has a dress in Vienna Satin.. What fabric would look good with this for the other dress? My other maid was thinking taffeta-would this clash? Thanks!

Re: Bridesmaid dress help

  • AiletaAileta member
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    i dont think it would. infact for mis match dresses there are only a few rules. 
    1. they can all be the same dress wiht different neck lines. 
    2. they can all be different dresses completely of the same material and same color  
    3. they can be the same color and different materials with other matching elements  
    4. same materials and variants of one color like 3 diff shades of blue.

     something about the dresses have to pull them together to get the look you need.  it doesnt have to exactly match. my maids are flollowing rule 3.  bridemaid number one is in a lace navy pencil dress and bridemaid number 2 is in a chiffon strapless hi  low cut navy dress and the MoH will be in a Navy floor length dress or my other colors which are malibu blue and cream.
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