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Lavender toss

I love the idea of walking back up the aisle as guests toss lavender buds.  But since our wedding is at an outdoor venue, I need to make sure that the buds won't spring up and ruin the lovely lawn.  This may sound like a silly question, but will lavender buds tossed in grass sprout?  Does anyone have experience with this?  Thanks.

Re: Lavender toss

  • It's a lovely idea but I would be careful about this. If any of your guests have an allergy to lavender as bad as mine, it will not be a good scene. My allergy is so bad, I get congested, can't breathe, and my eyes, nose and throat gets so itchy I want to rip them out. 
    My allergy was so bad my mom had to remove her beautiful lavender plants from our backyard.

  • That sounds like a lovely idea! Definitely won't hurt anyone (guests included) when it is tossed. As far as it sprouting, that is unlikely since most seeds actually rot before they have a chance to sprout.
  • I would check with your venue first; they may not allow tossings because of the cleanup.  Ditto about allergies - lavendar isn't for everyone.
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  • what about fake buds???
  • To answer your question, no, I don't think the buds will sprout.  They will not likely be lying around long enough to do so. 

    While I love lavender, I am not a big fan of tossing things (and most venues don't like it either, some just ban all things tosses).  Mostly because someone has to clean it up afterwards, and also because lavender is very aromatic, and a lot of people might be sensitive to it.

    But also because it requires the guest's cooperation.  How are they to know when to toss the lavender?  Someone has to put it or hand it out, and tell guests when to toss it.  You will be too busy to deal with it, so that leaves the chore on somoene else, who would probably rather be enjoying your wedding than trying to orchestrate a photo op. 

    So when you have to tell someone to do so, it takes the spontenaity out of it, and sometimes kind of comes across that you are using the guests as photo props, or "now celebrate us and shower us with petals/blooms".

    If it doesn't work out as planned, you will be disappointed, or just as likely that you won't even miss it at all.  Therefore, it's a lot of trouble and logistics for very little return for the efforts.

    But I could easily see those little petal cones on the ends of the aisle seats filled with small nosegays of lavender for decoration. 
  • It's a plant, therefore biodegradable so Mother Nature cleans it up. If you use fake lavender, which probably doesn't even exist in the first place, you would have to locate and clean up every single pellet because it is not biodegradable. A job like that would be impossible.
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