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Instant purchase dresses help!

Hello all brides to be,
First, congratulations to everyone getting married.
Second, I will be travelling from Cairo, Egypt to NYC later in the year and was planning on purchasing my wedding gown when I visit. 
Which stores sell dresses for immediate purchase? I will be staying for 2 weeks and I will have to go back home with the dress. No way to order and wait for it. I know RK Bridal sell sample sale dresses on the go, also Kleinfeld. But do other stores do?
I need help please :) 

Re: Instant purchase dresses help!

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    You should check out the Bridal Garden. It's in the Flatiron area, close to Kleinfeld. They sell donated dresses, both used and new ones straight from designers. The money goes to charity. It's definitely hit or miss but you might get something for a great price.
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