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Rooftop Restaurant for reception only ;0)


Planning wedding from abroad & having people coming from all over the world, literally.  In order to keep things simple (& lower the cost), we are planning to have a civil ceremony at the Town Hall & then going for lunch/dinner at a rooftop venue ideally.

Any suggestions of great restaurants with lovely views & really cozy?

We are basically keen on good food & great atmosphere.

It will be for around 50-80 people.

Thanks a million!!


Re: Rooftop Restaurant for reception only ;0)

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    Congrats, sorry no suggestions on south Florida but in the Venice area on the gulf is lovely.
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:114Discussion:9ada198b-b9f4-4d7d-9305-a8af9d9bf439Post:b850ebdf-06f2-4e59-a7c9-7565f37ad956">Re: Rooftop Restaurant for reception only ;0)</a>:
    [QUOTE]Congrats, sorry no suggestions on south Florida but in the Venice area on the gulf is lovely.
    Posted by annasmith974[/QUOTE]

    Hello, thanks for your response...I know that my profile says South Florida but was looking for a venue in New York city ;)
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    Are you saying you're looking for something near City Hall?? Specifics will help since there are so many options. 
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    Rooftop places:

    230 5th
    Alma (in Brooklyn)

    My pick would be 230 the, views can't be beat.
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    I agree that the views at 230 5th are amazing (Empire State building is about 10 blocks away and the view is perfect).  I also recently went for drinks to Upstairs at the Kimberly (Kimberly Hotel on 50th St), and the view and area there was nice as well.  I can't speak to the food at either place, though.
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    Top of the Strand - it's heated if it's cold and open in the warm weather, nice views, great dj and wonderful bar/food.
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    The Skylark. I don't know much about it other than a really good caterer Abaigail Kirsch just opened the new space
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