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Hi Ladies! I'm a Canadian marrying a Pittsburgher and it has come to my attention it's a Pittsburgh tradition to have a cookie table at your wedding. Has anyone else heard of this?
If you have, I have a couple questions for ya! Is it a big faux pas to just buy a ton of cookies from costco or do they have to be homemade??
And how many cookies should we have? There's 159 invited guests, we're expecting 130-140 guests to come.

ps. happy easter :)

Re: cookie table help

  • Absolutley, a cookie table is a Pitttsburgh thing for Italians and some other nationalities.

    Usually your relatives, or in this case your FI's relatives will make the cookies for your table.

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  • I would try to make as many as you can rather than buying them, although I know Potomac Bakery has very good prices and we purcased really adorable sugar cookies and Georgia Peach cookies from Pastries A'la Carte since those were a little more complicated to make.

    We assumed 5 cookies per guest but ended up with about 1600 for 150 guests since many of my family members made more in their batches of cookies. It was actually a good thing though because we only had 2 out of 29 trays left, and that was because we had a TON of pizzelles.  We put out 100 take home bags and only had about 8 leftover.
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  • Love tha you are bringing this tradition to your wedding! After talking to MANY caterers, the avg that they recommend is 2 per person. They all say that they throw away a ton of cookies at the end of the evening if you make more.
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