Reviews? Country Clubs near Latrobe/Greensburg/Ligonier

Hi - I am trying to find a reception spot in Latrobe/Greensburg/Ligonier....I am from Latrobe but am living in Pittsburgh and it seems like things are more expensive in the city.  I like the idea of a country club and having views of greenery, versus having the reception at a hotel and having to look out the window at other buildings - but I'm not sure where to look?

Has anyone had a reception or been to one in one of the local country clubs? Were they easy to work with? Good food? Etc.???

Thank you!

Re: Reviews? Country Clubs near Latrobe/Greensburg/Ligonier

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    Hey! My cousin had her wedding reception at Greensburg Country Club, and I have been to another wedding there as well. I can't say if they were easy to work with but the space was very was great (the salmon, and filet were both awesome). It's kind of a blank slate so you could really decorate it how you want it. There are views of the golf course and there's a cute outdoor patio for drinks and if you need a break from the dancing. I would check it out!
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    The Greensburg country club is AMAZING! My sister in law and brother got married there. The chicken cordon bleu was amazing :)
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    I'm in the same boat! I'm getting married at Saint Vincent Basilica, and can't find a "blank slate" wedding venue anywhere.  

    I'm thinking maybe the Willow Room in Belle Vernon or Chestnut Ridge? Any thoughts?
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