Has anyone used The Pros?

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My fiance and I are looking to use The Pros for our wedding. I was looking for reviews of them, but can't find any specific towards the PGH area. They offer a package deal where they do photography, videography, and DJ for a very low price. They are also nationwide. I am a little skeptical of them and don't want to sacrifice something that can't be fixed and that is so important! I worry because we wouldn't be able to meet any of the people ahead of time and can just go off of what is seen on their website. To me, having that personal connection with a vendor is a very special thing. Otherwise, I just kind of feel like a number and not a bride. Any help would be soooo appreciated!

I'd also be willing to learn of any less expensive photographers and DJ's! (We've determined that we don't really need the videographer, but if it comes with the package, hey why not!)

Re: Has anyone used The Pros?

  • What's your price range for DJ and photographer separately? We'll be able to offer suggestions based on that.
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    The Pros is offering to do $2000 for all three services (photo, video, DJ).  Obviously, this is why I am so skeptical! My fiance is pretty much insisting that we use them now because their price is so low, but I just can't shake the feeling that maybe it IS too good to be true...

    As for price range for photographer and videographer seperately, this is up in the air. He is won over by the price already, but I would maybe be able to work in a little wiggle room for the right people. I think for both DJ and photographer that we could find something close to $2000. I also should mention that we need to be able to have the rights to the photos included in the cost. 
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