Major Checks

I got a lot accomplished today! My FI and I booked out photographer, videographer, DJ, and Photobooth! We did it all through ACCVP so I am so excited! I also had my first foray into wedding dress shopping! We went to David's Bridal and my consultant Kelky was awesome! I told her I would know its my dress if my mom cried. My mom is not a cryer and said I shouldn't expect. Well on the 4th dress I walked out and she burst in to tears! Needless to say it was a sob fest! I have two sisters who couldn't make it and I want them to love it before I buy it! We're a bunch of Italian ladies who have voice our opinions on everything, plus it wouldn't feel right buying it without them! But I think it's my dress cause I can't stop staring at the picture of me in it! Hope you ladies are having a great wedding planning day! Enjoy the weather!

Re: Major Checks

  • Yay congrats!! :) That is so exciting! I didn't cry when I picked my dress, I thought I would so I was paranoid I picked the wrong one (after the fact, SO glad I did pick that one!).
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  • Thanks Caitlyn! I didnt say yes to the dress yet! I have two sisters who weren't there so I need their approval! It is a lovely dress, but I still want to look around because it doesn't fit the vision I had in my head. I want a fitted lace dress with some sparkle to it! The dress was the total opposite!
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