hens and chicks florist

Has anyone used them? are they expensive?

Re: hens and chicks florist

  • So, I'm actually using them (though my wedding is still a year out). I would describe them as pricey for Pittsburgh. We're keeping flowers to a minimum (literally single blooms for bridesmaids, my bouquet and two to three floating blooms per centerpiece) and it ended up being about 3% of my total budget. 

    The good thing (and the reason that we went with them) is that they are good at innovative and non-traditional floral looks. We're using poppies, and their proposal had the most unique view of those. 

    So if flower budget is a concern of yours, they probably aren't the best option. But I also wouldn't say that I found their price out of line with some of the other options we looked at. 
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