Ceremony Reception locations on a serious budget!

Hi everyone,
I am looking for reccomendations on places for a ceremony and reception (does not have to be the same place). I have a budget of about 10,000 - not including my dress or the rehearsal dinner. I know it's not much but it's what we are capable of doing... 100-125 people in May 2015. I know it's a ways away but we have to save up the money and we just got engaged so I am trying to get a head start on finding places so that i don't go over budget and am not scrambling at the last minute!

I don't have exquisite taste in food. We are thinking more buffet style to help the cost as well.

Thank you!

Re: Ceremony Reception locations on a serious budget!

  • Surprisingly, at some places buffets cost more.  There are three halls catered by Ches Anthony that are pretty reasonable because they let you bring your own alcohol....and you can control that cost. 
    I never looked into them or priced them but out west there are some places that I think are probably more budget friendly; the Tonidale and SNPJ. 
    Firehall type places are a good way to go on a budget. 
    The Holiday Inn Airport has some great packages and they can work with your budget.  The Pittsburgh Opera is supposed to be budget friendly because it is very DIY. 
    I don't know that any of these places do the ceremony. 
    Pretty much as long as you don't do a hotel downtown you can find a place for your budget.  You may also save if you do it on a Friday, move to April, do a limited bar of just beer and wine, etc... 
    When comparing costs make sure you factor in the service and tax....that can really add on to the base price. 
    If DJ and photographer need to be in the 10K, then you need to make sure you budget enough for those.
    As for dresses you have time to shop around and find some good sales.  I actually got one that was never worn on Craigslist for $150 and I like it better than anything in the stores.
    Rehearsal dinner is easier to control for a budget.  Some brides on the knot have had it at Pizza Hut.  FI and I are thinking of getting Moe's or Qdoba brought to our house for an informal RD.  Read through the boards and previous posts and you will get some great ideas.  Good luck!
  • How far outside of the city are you willing to go? The Lodge at North Park is a great reception venue. The Barn at West Overton, in Scottdale, PA, is pretty budget friendly
    and you can also do the ceremony there. Bell's Banquets includes a lot in their packages and they're also pretty reasonable. You can also do your ceremony there.

    Whatever you're budgeting for, leave yourself some wiggle room. We've had some expenses increase along the way for reasons we could not have anticipated when we started booking vendors last January.

    Also, book your vendors as early as you can. You may be able to lock in a lower price that way. For instance, our photographer's prices have tripled since we booked her. We booked her when she was just starting her business, and in the last year, she's done so well that she's raised her rates accordingly. Our venue came with an exclusive caterer, and he raised his prices for 2013, but because we booked the venue in January 2012, he agreed to honor the menu prices from that time. We're saving appx. $2,000 on both vendors.

    Check out the sample racks at bridal salons for dresses. I lucked out and found my dress this way- got a $1200 dress for $300.

    For any paper goods, Vistaprint groupons are an awesome way to cut costs. We had a seller from Etsy design our invitations, and we printed them through VP using groupons (I spent ~$140 total).

    Good luck!! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Cranberry Highlands Golf Course is budget friendly and beautiful!
  • Syria Mosque is pretty reasonable.. For us we needed the whole room, but for how many people your loking at having half the room would be more than enough. Good food, drinks and reasonable price. Agree with a pp make sure you have wiggle room.
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  • Can you give us an idea as to what part of the Pittsburgh area you're looking? I just booked the Elks Club in Washington PA and it's gorgeous! Old victorian home with an added ballroom and the buffet starts at $17.95/person! My budget is very similar to yours and at that price I can have a dream wedding on a budget!
    Hope this helps!
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