Self Uniting Ceremony with guests - need ideas!

Has anyone else has a self uniting ceremony? We are going that route but don't really have a person to "emcee" it so we are thinking we will write our vows and maybe pick one or two family members or friends to say a prayer/read a poem/participate in some way. What other things can we add so that it's a bit longer than 5 minutes?!? I'm not really into the unity candle thing - alternatives? Ideas? Thanks!! 

Re: Self Uniting Ceremony with guests - need ideas!

  • Even if you're not having anyone emcee, can you have someone close to you come up and offer a few welcoming remarks (maybe incorporate a small ancecdote about how you met or something significant from your relationship)? Then at the end, you could have someone else offer a closing. You can still do the readings or poems, but the welcoming and closing remarks would help flesh out the ceremony a little bit.

    As far as alternatives to the unity candle, you could do a ring-warming ceremony, a salt ceremony, a beer or a wine ceremony...the list goes on.
  • There is also a rose ceremony with mothers or I just read something where you put your vows or letters in a box and hammer it shut...seems a bit disruptive....but an option!
  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts ladies. We aren't really sure who to ask to do a little antedote or anything so not sure that will happen. Our closest friends are in it but don't really want to put them on the spot/pick and choose between them and we don't have a family member that instantly sticks out as someone who would be good at that kind of thing.

    I guess the unity candle and pouring of salt/sand/beer etc just seems cheesy to me? I've seen it done with cute personal thoughts - like salt from the brides parents and salt from the grooms family, etc but just doesn't seem like something we would do.  I've seen photos of people nailing a box together but was never quite sure of the purpose... his mom has passed so including moms isn't an option either. I'll have to keep googling :)
  • We are doing a self-uniting wedding ceremony.  We are having one of our friends "officiate".  We wrote out a basic outline for her and are letting her add a story or two of her own.  We are writing our own vows and want to see if we can have everyone that attends the ceremony sign the marriage license so everyone feels that they are a part of our wedding. 

    We are not doing any of the "unity" things that so many people do for the same reasons as you.  We just both feel it's overdone and cheesy.  We're going to crack some jokes and maybe have a zombie or 2 walk by in the background for fun.  Our theme is elephants and zombies.  This explains so much as to why I'm marrying this woman.  She let me incorporate zombies into our wedding so I would have just as much helping plan everything.  Trying to come up with something ourselves to maybe get the bridesmaids and groomsman involved in the actual ceremony as well.  Maybe chiming in during parts of our vows with something witty or sincere depending on the person. 


    61 days to go!

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