The Aviary Pricing & No. of People

Hi Everyone,
I've never posted but I've been silently stalking the boards for the past month trying to determine reception venues.  One of our strong considerations is the Aviary.  I've emailed and called them this week and haven't had a call back.  I'm trying to determine pricing (is it really cheaper than the zoo?  - if so by how much?  The Zoo garden tent at the cheapest is $65/ plate.  Also we are having a reception with 200 people.  The language on the website mentions 150 but then 450 for cocktail... are we able to fit 200 for seated? 

Thanks for all or any help that can be provided.  I've been racking my brain for unique wedding venues that will host 200 people and won't completely bankrupt us.  I'm also not that fussy and my fiance wants it to be w/in the city limits.  Right now we're waiting to hear from the Opera on if a date will ever be available in 2014, visiting the Zoo, and trying to reach the Aviary? 

Wedding planning is tough - I'm basically paralyzed by the stress of it!!

Re: The Aviary Pricing & No. of People

  • When I contacted the Aviary last summer, the most they could seat is 150, if you have a dance floor that number goes down.  So if your guest list is 200+, then the Aviary probably won't work, unless something has changed.
  • The aviary also charges you for table and linen rental. I didn't know that until a friend looked in to it for her wedding. Keep on the opera house. I hear its amazing and some brides have had amazing pictures!
  • Yikes!   Thanks for the quick responses.  The Opera told us we'll most likely get in for September 2014.  Thats a 17 months from now, I'm not in a rush to get married - more horrifed that the planning could go on for that long. 
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