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Has anyone in the Pittsburgh area used George Street Photography for their wedding?? Their package deal seems too good to be true.

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  • I've been wondering the same thing!
  • Nope I have never heard of them..but my mindset is..if it seems too good to be usually is. Especially with wedding "deals" the vendors offer..Good luck!
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    My fiance and I filled out a contact form on their website, and they have called each of us twice and emailed us both (within 2 days) about booking.  It also sounded like they were calling from a call center.  I wasn't impressed and we're steering clear of them! A good photographer wouldn't hound you and try to get you to hire them.
  • So I filled something out requesting information for them ... and they called me. I didn't know who it was so I answered ....   I had the exact same concern & flat out asked the girl.   They are located in a bunch of big cities (they actually have an office) but they have photographers all over the place.  So they have photographers in Pgh that they contract out when a Pittsburgh bride calls.  I personally didn't like the idea of it ...  I went with a local well known who has done weddings & other pictures for a friend of mine.   

    Thats the scoop with them. 
  • That sounds like hiring Target Portraits for your wedding LOL   I'd prefer personal professional photographers.  David's Bridal has photographers, but as you say above, they are a huge corporation hiring out amateur photographers photographing weddings. I think its a disappointment for bride and grooms.  Go with the hometown photographers and support them.  Same with bridal boutiques.  I tend to stay away from chains.  I like more personal professionals that give you  their personal one on one time.   
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    One thing I have found between them and The Pros is that you aren't able to meet with their photographer (or dj or videographer) ahead of time. Everything is done via email and phone. It seemed very sketchy to me also... 

    If you're looking for someone with a really good price, we are using James Campbell. We are getting our engagement shots done in two weeks so I can let you know how it goes if you are interested! We looked at another one with great work but decided to go with James instead. Her's was
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