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Ladies I was searching for a cookie table poem and couldn't find one. My sister ended up writing this one and I thought I would share. Ithink it is super cute. Hopefully you can find it useful!


First, it is 'I Do' followed by a kiss,
But it is the Pittsburgh cookie table that you also shouldn’t miss.

Pittsburghers feel wedding dessert should be more than just a cake,
The family always asks how many cookies should we make?

Which culture brought us this tradition? We’ll never know for sure
But when it comes to the cookie table, we always answer MORE!

Which cookies should we try? Pizelles or chocolate mints?
Or should have the shortbread or the raspberry thumbprints?

So in true Pittsburgh fashion, don't be shy to fill up your take home tins,
It's fun to share in this tradition and spend our day with all of yinz.

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    That's cute!! I didn't use a long story about the history of the cookie table even though I knew a lot of guests were from out of town and didn't know the tradition. I figured few people would stand there reading something that was long so I wrote this (it doesn't rhyme or sound as cute as yours! haha):

    It is a long standing pittsburgh wedding tradition to have a cookie table filled with sweets made by the family and friends of the bride and groom. Please help yourself to cookies throughout the night or take some home in the bags provided later this evening. thank you so much for sharing in our special day!

    A special thank you to those who contributed their time and talent to baking our favorite family recipes!
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    [QUOTE]Thanks for sharing.  I was thinking of putting something for out of town family and friends.  We may use these, but switch them up a bit.
    Posted by snippet17[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the feedback....she'll love to hear that people felt inspired!
  • Oh my goodness, that is amazing!  You really don't mind if I borrow it? We are transplants to Pittsburgh, but my mother's family is from the area, so we decided to do a cookie table. Funny enough it is my mother-in-law who is the most excited about (mostly because she loves to bake). 
    Thanks for sharing that poem, though!
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