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things you forget

What are some things you forgot to buy/get/etc before your wedding. I am getting married and june and I am a very forgetful and scared I will forget the little things (and big)

For example:
guest book and pen
Card box..
(these are things i made sure i bought last week!)

Re: things you forget

  • The things I was worried I would forget are little things that can come in useful. Things like:

    -safety pins (one of the BMs dress straps broke while dancing so this came in handy)
    -double sided tape (When I was BM in another wedding, a stitch came out of my dress and we held that part together with hidden double-sided tape)
    -dental floss esp. if you're eating before
    -water bottles
    -battery-operated fans if it will be warm that day
    -deoderant to freshen up
    -extra makeup to freshen up
    -bobby pins
    -any checks for remaining deposits due the day of
    -contact info for all your vendors just in case
    -tissues if you might be a crier
    -gum (I wished I had some)
    -wedding rings and marriage license

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  • The only thing that I completely forgot is the customized hanger that I bought for taking pictures of the dress hanging prior to me getting into it.

    No biggie. 

    Putting together a kit a month beforehand with little helpful items is REALLY advised.  It saved my tushy.
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  • I forgot  to check and make sure I had the right size Sole Mates for my heels. I didn't, and I didn't discover it until the morning of, and so I got married barefoot. 

    I also forgot to put on deodorant. I think I smelled ok, but true story. 
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  • Umm.. we forgot to take the corsages for our parents out of the fridge at the venue's kitchen.. So.. that was  just a straight up waste of money :P haha

    We really didn't forget anything. And if we did, I have already forgotten what it was...
  • We made lists for each location a couple of weeks before the wedding. I also made a list of what things I needed packed in bags, and had a bag for each event (rehearsal, morning of wedding, church, reception, and day after). 
  • Hmm. One of the GM's ties was left at the hotel and my bouquet was left in our kitchen. However, we were in a small enough city that there was time to go back for those things. We were most paranoid about the rings and marriage license. 

    I also found myself waiting around at the church in my jeans, 15 min before the ceremony, because nobody remembered to take my dress out of the trunk of the car. (We had already done "getting ready pics" at my parents' house, but I didn't want to wrinkle the dress in the car, so I did a quick change out, and then back in. My dress was super easy to get on and off.)
  • I'm a total list queen. I had lists I found through google for emergency kit for men, emergency kit for women and hit every point on those lits. Groom had a bag with men's stuff & I had girls (well actually I made a special bag up for each girl with essentials & they were also able to use it to take stuff to church in & then put regular clothes in afterwards (we got dressed at church)

    But there was one thing I forgot, well two. I will I would have typed up a list of photos for the photographer to take and think of some of the family shots not just bridal party. Like my niece & her new husband & kids, a shot of nieces & nephews by each family, not just a group shot, etc.  The other thing I forgot, enough of the booze I like for on the limo. We had plenty of booze on limo, just not much of what I drink so what I had brought for myself, was gone before ceremony (split a bottle of skinnygirl white cosmo amongst 4 girls)
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: things you forget</a>:
    [QUOTE]We didn't forget anything, but that probably has a lot do with the fact that we are both big into lists. We started making lists a couple months before the wedding. We had checklists for each location, and they really helped keep us organized.
    Posted by Schatzi13[/QUOTE]

    <div>I had a checklist as well so it helped me to stay organized</div>
  • I forgot my panties. 15 minutes before the hair and makeup person got to the hotel, I had to run to walmart for undies.
  • We misplaced our flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow the day before the wedding. H had to go buy replacements on the wedding day. H also didn't realize the box in the dressing room contained their boutoniers (sp?) so they didn't have them for the ceremony. The bridesmaid dresses didn't match and the flower girl threw a huge fit before going down the aisle.  Mishaps will happen.  Just laugh and go on
  • We (I) forgot to have a plate and fork put on the cake table for the cutting of the cake. It was a bit awkward when we cut the cake and then realized we had nothing to put it on or eat it with. The DOC should have caught that, but she was rushing over to us with plates and forks for serving so it didn't turn out too bad.
  • We had a destination wedding, so this was more of a "I had it but forgot to pack it" - I forgot the escort cards at home.  I ended up making really cheap looking ones but oh well.  It's not like people REALLY care about those anyway. 

    I also forgot to order flowers for the flower girls.  I don't know what was going through my head.  We had 2 - one was going to be carrying a sign down the aisle so I didn't think she'd be able to carry the sign and flowers.  The other one I just blanked on.  Thankfully, we were able to get some at the last minute from our florist, although they were partly wilted.  At least the girls had SOMETHING.

    The only other thing I'd put under the "forgot" category was to go over EVERY LAST DETAIL with our coordinator the day before, especially at the rehearsal.  I thought he knew what he was doing because he had so many rave reviews on yelp and with the BBB, but obviously not.  He never did a seating of the mothers, never sent the officiant/Best Man/my FI down the aisle in any sort of organized way, etc.  He just told them to go up there and they all wandered up on their own.  I wish things had been more organized and I should have told him my expectations clearly, instead of assuming he knew what he was doing.

    I would also recommend printing out a couple different hair styles and makeup styles that you like.  The one you choose may not be right for your hair texture so it's always good to have a few so your stylist can decide which one would work best with your type of hair.  Same with the makeup - just because it looks great on someone else doesn't mean it's right for your skin tone/eye color.  Print that out and bring it with you to trials and on the day of your wedding.
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  • This isn't a "thing" so much as a "to do," and I think I've posted it here before, but:

    Be sure you practice sitting down in your wedding dress! It hadn't even occurred to me to do this, and when the photographer had me sit down to do pre-ceremony photos (you know, "the bride sits in a chair and stares wistfully out the window"), my dress pulled down in front just enough to expose the top half-inch or so of my bra/corset/underwhatever. Ack! My MOH got up under my dress and did some tugging to fix it, but it was a last-minute bit of stress I didn't really need.
  • @Summer2011Bride has a great list at the top there. That and more was in our emergency kit. We also had some chalk, which really came in handy when a small stain on my dress was made messier by those tide to go pens, covered up the blotch quite nicely actually. And chaffing gel! What a god send that stuff is for those of us who have gapless thighs... lawl

    The only things we forgot, which weren't that big of a deal was the "just married" sign my mom had made for the limo (driver had a spare though so no biggie), and the customized clothes hanger I made for my sister who was the MOH. My mom forgot it, everyone else had theirs, so my sister was a little put out but it wasn't that big of a deal.

    @AddieL73, I totally forgot deodorant too, but luckily it didn't smell lol. Also forgot to put my chafing gel until after my dress was on, so one of my BM's had to go under my dress and slather down my thighs with it... not going to lie I'm looking forward to seeing that picture, as my hairdresser was standing on the bed behind me putting my veil and hair comb in.
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  • I forgot my customized hanger too, but we got to the venue early enough that morning that one of the bridesmaids was able to go back to my apartment and get the hanger before pictures.
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  • Starting about a month before the wedding, I started putting everything we needed in 3 bags: things I needed to get ready (e.g. hairpiece, earrings), things we needed to give the venue coordinator (signs, toasting flutes), and things we were giving as parent/wedding party gifts. I forgot to bring absolutely nothing. Remembering to use it the day of was a different story. We forgot to get photos with our thank you signs. We forgot to get photos of our dog in his Best Dog bandana. We forgot to tip our videographers (we went into the city today to drop off their tip, 3 days later). None of it mattered.
  • I don't know if this qualifies, but I actually forgot to grab my boquet before I walked down the aisle. It was siting right there, too, in the bridal suite. I was just too in the moment with my Dad at the time to realize I didn't have it in my hands until I realized nothing to hand off to my maid of honor. :)

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