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Unconventional Reception suggestions

Hi all, I'm all over the place with wedding thoughts and I've been engaged two weeks. I want to get married at my church and that's really my only non negotiable, everything else I'm ok with out of the box ideas. My dilemma is our guest count. It's close to 300 due to my parents friends and my huge family. I don't want to have to scale back on the list but I also don't want to have the same ole wedding that we've all been to. So anyone have ideas? We danced around the idea of reception on a yacht and also just doing a destination wedding. The yacht idea I think is my favorite so far but I'm still so confused. Thanks for any feedback

Re: Unconventional Reception suggestions

  • I think a yacht could be super cramped with 300 people.  As a guest, I would also dislike the idea because I wouldn't have the option to leave early if I needed to, etc.  I'm guessing you don't want a catering hall or hotel.  What about a loft space?  In a museum?  What is your budget?
  • I would really not like to do the typical catering hall or hotel space. My diliema is that I want the church and to celebrate with all of my friends and family however I don't want it to be the typical wedding that everyone's been to. Our budget is around $30,000 with a guest list now of about 250 max. My only uncompromise is that  I want the ceremony in a church. We've been to cocktail receptions before also which was a thought but have left hungrier then before we got there : ) which happened to take place in a museum. I am open to any ideas. The yacht is interesting to me more so because I've never been to a wedding reception on one and the skyline of Manhattan would be awesome not just for me and my fiance but the guests too. 
  • i''m thinking for 250 you'll have problems finding a yacht for 30k including everything.
    i see more than one issue with it-as the PP mentioned you're stuck there. the other obvious issues are rain, sea sickness, etc....i'd rethink that. i've been toa few yacht parties and they're great for smaller crowds.

    i think you need to really sit down and figure out how you can stretch your budget. you dont have to invite everyone and their brother-we didn't. talk about friends of the family? my FIL is a retired nypd chief. there are hundreds of them. you need to prioritze adn see who you REALLY NEED there and who you just want there because you think you have to.


  • OK, where is the church where you are getting married?  You'll need reception options not too far from there.
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