Chairs, Linens, and Flowers average cost?

Hey ladies!  I'm just wondering about how much do all these things cost for a wedding/reception?  I know there are some factors like the type of flower that can make a difference, but I just want to know about how much I'm looking to spend for these.......I have no clue as to how much they cost.  Any info would be much appreciated Laughing
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Re: Chairs, Linens, and Flowers average cost?

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    Chairs: 2 to 8 depending what your using. Linens: 10 to 30 depending what style. I am using pinched/pinwheel taffeta 18 each...sale price. flowers: spoke with florist and they quoted me 70 to 90 for centerpieces. I asked for hydrangeas with roses. This is just from prices i received. Hope it helps.
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    Yea, the pricing on the linens and chairs are about accurate as quoted above.  Sometimes specialty linens can cost more.  I found one that I loved and it was $45 a table.

    Flowers are a totally different deal.  I have started researching them, and you can get smaller, low arrangments for under $100.  Most of the ones I have been looking at average more in the $200-$400 range.

    Keep in mind that I like a mostly flower look, not a lot of greenery.

    Hope this helps!

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    Linens-Pin tuck table cloths about $15 each
    Personal flowers- bridal bouquet about $100, bridesmaids about $40 each.
    I made my own centerpieces with silk flowers. I had gotten a quote from a decorator who charged $135 for a tall centerpiece full of fresh hydrangea and orchids. I made something similar using silk flowers for about $40, but it took some time and you have to transport and set it up yourself (plan for some friends or family members to set up on the wedding day). They also quoted a small centerpiece for me comprised of 3 vases with submerged flowers for $45 each. Again its pretty inexpensive to make yourself, but it takes time and maybe not worth the hassle. As mentioned, flower prices depend on the type and amount you need since the florist has to order those particular stems in certain bunches. For example, I just got personal flowers, so they just ordered minimum stem qty and still had to use specific flower types in the bouquets for other things like the corsages so there's none wasted and it's more budget friendly. They can work with your budget and scope to optimize the cost. Hope that helps a little.
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    All of the information above is correct. Linens can range from $15 and up depending on the fabric. In regards to centerpieces, that can range depending on the type of flower you use.To stay within our budget , we are doing short and tall centerpieces. Short can be $100 or less and tall $100 and more.
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    I went high on the budget for flowers, and low for linens. Consider what your venue offers. My venue included mahogany chivari chairs, gold chargers and white floor length linens. I paid an upcharge of $1pp for satin gold napkins and let the flowers do the decorating. I thought it turned out fabulous. Long story short: if you need to pinch a little somewhere for budget, don't go crazy on linens. They have the potential of being distracting from the flowers anyway, which is something that will probably eat up your budget.
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