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Rhode Island

Bridal shower games

Can anyone suggest any fun bridal shower games that are fun these days? Thank u bunches!

Re: Bridal shower games

  • The last bridal shower I went to we played bingo. We were all given a sheet and wrote in different items we thought the bride would receive. As she opened her gifts, we would mark off our bingo cards. There were about 10 different winners who each got a bottle of wine throughout the gift opening. I thought it was fun!
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  • I agree with the bingo. During gift opening, people want to chit chat and it gets loud in the shower- a nice way to keep people focused on the bride opening the gifts and keep it quieter is to do the bingo, then everone is anxious to see what she gets.
    We also did the toliet paper gown game at my shower.
    It seems silly, but everyone had fun and my mom and aunts said they also played that game at their wedding showers back in the 60's and 70's...so they really enjoyed it.
  • I have told my mom and bridesmaids that I do not want Bingo at my shower! Its literally played at just about every single shower I've been to, except the ones I've helped throw, and its boring and expected. I also don't want to open my gifts at the shower though (nobody likes sitting through that) so I may have a different outlook than most. But I do think the toilet paper gown game is a good time. I've also done a purse scavenger hunt that wasn't bad too. I think some kind of trivia game and maybe a bridal scattergories type game would be unique and more up my alley personally.
  • What is the toilet paper game?
  • You give rolls of toilet paper out to guests and they form teams and have to make a wedding gown on someone using the toilet paper and then the bride picks a winner. Its pretty comical.
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