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I'm looking for a reasonable priced photographer in the Austin, TX area. We would like our engagements pictures as well. If anyone knows a great, affordable photographer please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

Re: Reasonable Photographer

  • What's reasonable? It can mean anything these days, guess it depends on who you are. I know people who have paid $3K and up for photography.Our wedding picture's budget is less than half that. I have her current pricing in my folder thingy attached to the contract we just signed with Jessica, the owner of Noveau Photography!
    Check out her work. She's totally my style and easy on the pocket book too!

     OMG, this is really starting to feel so real! I appreciate her photojournalistic approach and how well she's able to make us feel comfortable. She's a super sweet lady that's way too talented not to share with everyone.

    My wedding budget is ultra tight, I didn't think a good (and I mean awesome) photographer existed in our photography budget?!! My standards were extremely high as my future brother-in-law is a commercial photographer, but because he is also my fiances best man, of course we're not going to put him to work! Lol!  Unless the budget gets tigheter while we buy a house at the same time of planning all this. Blah!

    Luckily, my planner introduced us to someone who came under our budget and had beautiful work to show off. I hired her upon meeting her, for all day services and saved a couple hundred while doing so!

  • A good friend of mine owns Simone Epiphany Photography (www.simoneepiphany.com), and she's very reasonable and extremely talented.  Her website is plain, but don't let that deter you.  Hope that helps!
  • @kristennicholephotography - you know advertising your OWN goods and services is against TK's TOS, right?
  • I'm sure you've already found a good photographer, but for future if anyone needs one, I would recommend Captive Art Photography!

    She did my cousins wedding and will be doing mine in the winter! Her packages just start at $750

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