How to find a Catholic priest to officiate the wedding?

Hi all - hoping that you could help.  My fiance and I are having a destination wedding in Austin, and we booked a beautiful church - our problem is that we need to provide our own clergy, and our families live too far away for our family priests to make the trip.  Any suggestions?  I call the church wedding coordinator every few weeks to check in, but results have not been promising.


Re: How to find a Catholic priest to officiate the wedding?

  • Which church are you getting married at?  Cathedral?  Do you have any family in town or diocese like an aunt or grandparent?  Or friend?  I would suggest calling the parish where you know somebody.  Or get person you know in Austin to contact priest for you.  I live & am registered at a parish in Austin but we are getting married in Luling - an hour away.  Because his grandparents live there we didn't have a problem getting priest to marry us.  Check on diocese website to get individual parish phone numbrers.  Maybe call 3 parishes & see which call you back first.  When is the wedding?  How far away do you live?   
  • My daughter is trying to find a priest in Austin. Did you find one?
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