Downtown Austin Reception?

Hi Everyone!

Does anyone have experience with going to or planning a reception in downtown Austin? Perhaps at a restaurant or something like that? It's an idea I really like but I'm a little worried about it being too much of a party scene for older relatives. Just curious if anyone has done this! If you have I would love suggestions of locations!


Re: Downtown Austin Reception?

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    Have you tried the Caswell House?  We had our wedding and reception there.  It's at 15th and West Avenue (1 block east of N. Lamar.)  From their balcony, you have a view of the state capitol.

    It's calm enough for your older relatives -- it's an Austin historic home, yet it's located 9 blocks from 6th Street where your younger guests can still party if they want to, after your reception.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but we want somewhere we can fit at least 150 inside because it will probably be hot in June! We also weren't a huge fan of their decor, we're looking for something where we can do a mix of modern and vintage decor and there's seems a little more on the Victorian side. Thanks for the suggestion though!
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    Have you looked at Mansion at Judges Hill?  I believe it can fit that many.  On MLK between UT & Lamar.  
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    AT&T Center fits much more than that. I had my ceremony and reception there with more than 200 guests. Will write a full vendor review soon, but I loved the space. It's slightly rustic but very open and you can do as much or as little as you'd like with it.
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    I'm so jealous you had your wedding at AT&T. We loved that space! Unfortunately they are booked for all Saturdays in June already. 90% of our guests will be from out of town so we are trying to do a Saturday to be more convenient. As for Mansion on Judges Hill, it's really pretty but a little to formal for us. Plus there Saturday evening minimums but it over our budget. Thanks for all the ideas!!
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    Brazos Hall! It's new, industrial, and has a great rooftop patio as well... 
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    Sheraton, Driskill, Metropolitan Club
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    What about Green Pastures?
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