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Wedding Colors

I have read a previous post about having trouble picking colors to match the blues and I read that any color goes, but I am having huge difficulty deciding on colors and would love suggestions. He will be wearing Marine Corp dress blues and it is a summer wedding. Would love bright, vibrant colors. Any suggestions?


Re: Wedding Colors

  • Are there any particular colors you like?  What is your venue like?  I really like grey for BM dresses and decor with bright colored summer flowers.  
  • In Response to Re: Wedding Colors:
    [QUOTE]Are there any particular colors you like?  What is your venue like?  I really like grey for BM dresses and decor with bright colored summer flowers.  
    Posted by iluvmytxrgr[/QUOTE]

    I was thinking of doing yellow, orange, and a bright pink. Is that too much? We are getting married at a country club. I did see a picture of bridesmaids' dresses in grey and thought it looked really nice.
  • Sammy0709Sammy0709
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    I think if you did grey dresses and the flowers in all the colors you mentioned it would look really classy and vibrant without being overpowering. ETA: I'm picturing a bouquet of Gerber daisies in multiple colors but obviously you can use whatever flowers are your favorites. That's just what comes to mind when you say pink, orange, and yellow.
  • Sammy, that's exactly what I was picturing.  
    Jag, I think if you did one solid color dress for your BMs, many bright colored flowers looks great.  Keep the dress a simple color like grey, light blue, periwinkle, light pink and then add the bright colored flowers.  I wouldn't do a bright dress with bright flowers.  It tends to be a bit much.  
  • Thank you ladies for your suggestions. They helped a lot. One more thought though would a light yellow, like very light lol, be ok or do you think that may be too bright with the flowers?

    Thanks again!
  • I think it would be fine, except yellow is not a color that looks good on most people. I would be very careful with choosing any shade of yellow. 
  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl
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    We just went to one with champagne dresses with those dress blues. They had purple orchids for color. It was beautiful. Those dress blues are really dark so the champagne brightened up the group.
  • I would be very careful with yellow.  Like mentioned above, yellow can be very bad on many people.  I'd go with a very pale, almost cream colored yellow if I did it.  I do like the champagne idea NYC mentioned.  
  • Thank you ladies again. Love the idea of champagne dresses. When I take my bridal party out for dress shopping, we will decide together whether to go with grey or champagne.
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