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Tues. Accountability

B: English muffin with PB and banana (425)
S: Apple (72)
L: Healthy Choice turkey something (250)
S: Baby carrots (35)
D: Turkey bratwurst and sauerkraut with mustard (245)

Total: 1027 (before the ice cream party we have at the Devils game tonight)

Re: Tues. Accountability

  • B-protein bar (180) monster (20)
    L-Lean pocket (260)
    D-hot dog (170) hot dog roll (120) greek pasta salad (231)

    Total: 981

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  • B- Coffee and granola
    S- Apple
    L- Wrap from last night minus black beans, just quinoa, hummus, other veggies
    D- I think I want soup

    E- 5 mile run and gym
  • B- hot chocolate and oatmeal with a banana
    L- soup
    S- apple
    D- lentil burgers with homemade french fries
    S- not sure yet

    E- a quick abs work out


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    B:  egg + egg white (scrambled); leftover veggies from dinner; WW tortilla; 1/2 c. watermelon (225)
    S:  sm. banana with 1 TBSP PB (170)
    L:  balsamic glazed steak and veggie roll (150); asparagus/tomato/white bean warm salad (275); mixed fresh fruit (100)
    S:  mocha almonds; cara cara orange (215)
    D:  kabobs (hot links, bell peppers, onions); baked potato; salad; kiwi (415)

    E:  30DS (~ 130?)

    consumed:  1550
    net:  1420
  • Taking measurements is always a good idea! Great losses, Liv :)

    My meals are the same as yesterday. Luckily they were yummy. 

    B: 1 egg + 4 egg whites, 1/2 cup spinach, 1/3 cup cooked, diced chicken breast, 1/4 cup fat free cheddar, 4 strawberries, coffee (306)
    S: 1oz almonds, 2 prunes, green tea (216)
    L: Chicken-egg-avocado salad on sandwich thin, steamed broccoli, carrots, strawberries (444)
    S: 6oz Chobani 0% plain, 1/2T honey, 1 medium apple (230)
    D: "salsa" turkey burgers, baked sweet potato, steamed asparagus and a pre-dinner snack of almond milk and protein powder (371)
    S: 1 cup LF cottage cheese, 1.5oz raspberries (200)

    E: Plyometrics (HRM: 695 cal) - this was my first time doing this workout. It was really motherfucking hard. 

  • S: cookie (I was freaking hungry this a.m.)  (70c)
    B: 1/2 ham, egg, cheese sandwich (165c)
    S: 10 peanuts (40c) + 1/2 coke (117c)
    L: chili and tortilla strips (419c)
    S: 30 peanuts (120c)
    D: no idea

    E: 3-4 mile run (at least +332)

    T: 931 - 332 = 599... that leaves me ~700 for dinner. Should be no problem.

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    I would like to have dinner at Danser's house. Lentil burgers and homemade fries sound amazing!

    I'm getting back on the wagon, ladies!
    B: wheat toast with peanut butter (190)
    L: slice of veggie calzone (est. 384)
    S: carrot sticks and hummus (120)
    D: baked swai fillet (70) and cheesy potatoes (300)

    E: 30DS, which nearly killed me

    Total is 1,065, which leaves room for some dessert. Woot!
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