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Wednesday Accountability

B: EW omelette with spinach, tomatoes, and feta (179)
S: Apple with LC blue cheese (97)
L: Lean Cuisine Meatloaf (240), side salad with FF raspberry vinaigrette (70)
S: Baby carrots (53)
D: Grilled chicken (193), baked sweet potato tots (81), creamed spinach (88)
S: Frozen Greek yogurt (100)

Total: 1101 -- this is a bit low. I'll add something else in somewhere!

Re: Wednesday Accountability

  • B:  egg + egg white, oat bran toast with preserves, watermelon (196)
    S:  sm. banana with 1 TBSP PB (167)
    L:  spicy hot link with stir-fried veggies (weird combo, but trying to get rid of leftovers!); fresh fruit cup (327)
    S:  cara cara orange
    D:  CL shrimp arrabbiata, small salad with cherry balsamic dressing (443)

    consumed:  1213

    E:  30DS (~ 130)

    net:  1083

    I'll probably throw in some trail mix or a cheese stick with my afternoon snack.
  • B- Coffee and oatmeal
    S- Banana
    L- Quinoa, hummus, avacado, tomato wrap. I put some balsamic vinaigrette in there so we shall see how that tastes
    D- Going home tonight to have dinner with mom and dad. Mom is cooking my absolute favorite dinner from my childhood. It's called Charlie's Chicken and it's amazing! I can't wait.

    E- 4 mile run
  • B: egg whites scrambled (73c)
    S: banana (84c)
    L: Lebanon balogna sandwich, dried cranberries & cherries (440c)
    S: peanuts (160c)
    D: tacos w/ ground turkey and refried beans (375c)

    T: 972c ... I'm going to try my best to stick with this, but might need another snack somewhere.
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    "You are made of win." -SopChick
    Still here and still fabulous!

  • B- OJ, french toast and some potatoes
    L- soup
    S- may be an apple
    D- out with a  friend for Thai food not sure yet
    S- not sure

    E- none today


  • B: coffee with cream and sugar, One hersheys bliss chocolate:320
    L: Leftover slice of plain pizza: 420
    D: Turkey chili: 375
    Snack: glass of wine:200

    E: Ab ripper X 
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