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Thursday Accountability

B: English muffin with PB and banana (441)
S: Apple (72)
L: Lean Cuisine meatloaf (240)
S: Baby carrots (53)
D: 2 turkey keilbasas with sauerkraut (230)

Total: 1036 -- a little low so I'll probably add a salad in with dinner or maybe some ice cream as a snack.

Re: Thursday Accountability

  • B- hot chocolate, oatmeal with strawberries
    L- leftover pad thai
    S- apple
    D- homemade french fries and veggie nuggets
    S- doritos

    E- none unless cleaning the new house counts


  • B- Coffee and oatmeal
    S- Apple
    L- leftover Charlie's Chicken
    D- Idk yet FI and I are meeting with our invitation designer and we might pick up something on our way to small group afterwards

    E- 4 mile run
  • B: 1/2 ham, egg, cheese sandwich on wheat (165c)
    S: banana (84c)
    L: Lebanon balogna sandwich, dried mixed berries (500c)
    S: peanuts or celery and pb (150c)
    D: not sure

    E: 4 mile run (+418c)

    T = 900 - 418 = 482c ... I'll aim for about 600c for dinner (probably chicken w/ vegetables)
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  • B:  egg + egg white, oat bran toast with preserves, watermelon (192)
    S:  sm banana (72)
    L:  CL shrimp arrabbiata, roasted asparagus (429)
    S:  cara cara orange (80), cheese stick (110), fresh fruit cup (70)
    D:  4 oz grilled steak, sweet potato wedges, broccoli (388)
    dessert:  1/2 c. rocky road ice cream (150)

    E:  3.25 mi jog (~ 265)

    consumed:  1491

    net:  1226

    I won't get to eat dinner until 7:30 or 8:00 because of lessons, so I might stick in a snack after E and before D so I'm not starving.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Thursday Accountability</a>:
    [QUOTE]B- oatmeal, strawberries, coffee with almond milk (201) S- baby carrots and hummus (100) L- cafeteria so probably a salad with hard boiled egg or chicken (?) D- tuna sandwich, tomato basil soup (465) I'll probably have an apple and laughing cow cheese as a post-workout snack (107) E: I did a 25 min power walk this morning (-126) and I'll be doing resistance bands later. Net without lunch: 747 I'll be shooting for 1150-1200 cals.
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  • B: Coffee with cream & sugar: 282
    L: Bagel with light veggie cream cheese: 480
    D: Turkey chilli with goat cheese and some chips: 510

    E: Gym: - 200

    Net: 1072 (I may have some wine for dessert)
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