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Friday Accountability

B: Bagel with cream cheese (525)
L: Lean cuisine (240)
D: Grilled chicken with corn (268)
S: Apple (72)

Total: 1105

Re: Friday Accountability

  • B- Coffee and oatmeal
    S- Apple
    L- Going out with my coworker
    D- Idk yet probably chili I think

    E- 4 mile run
  • B- hot chocolate, oatmeal with strawberries
    L- homemade creamy vegan potato soup
    S- apple
    D- pasta and marinara sauce
    S- wine and may be some doritos

    E- none today


  • B:  Subway flatbread/egg white/cheese/ham melt (180)
    S:  banana with PB (170)
    L:  grilled steak, grilled broccoli, sweet potato wedges (395)
    S:  fresh fruit salad (70), cara cara orange (70)
    D:  out to eat!

    E:  JM yoga
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    B: egg beaters and 1 slice turkey bacon (85c)
    S: banana (84c)
    L: no idea, going out
    S: mixed berries (140c)
    D: no idea, probably chicken and vegetables (~450c)

    E: 60 minute walk with Toby (+190c)

    T = ~760-190 = ~570 without lunch... should be ok for today.
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