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Monday Accountability

B: 1/2 English muffin with PB and banana, strawberries
S: Apple
L: I think I'm getting a salad from ABP
D: Grilled chicken with steamed veggies, salad
S: Lean cuisine Frozen Greek Yogurt

Re: Monday Accountability

  • B- Coffee and grapefruit bowl
    S- Carrots
    L- Greek Salad
    D- Leftover pot roast 
    S- Cake tasting samples from our baker

    E- squeezing in a 3 mile run on lunch break 
  • rdr - 5 days!!  what??

    B:  egg + egg white, oat bran toast with preserves, 1 pc. bacon (191)
    S:  strawberries (15)
    L:  CL kung pao chicken with 3/4 c. brown rice, small orange (550)
    S:  1 c. watermelon, Hersey bliss chocolate (72)
    pre-E S:  sm banana and PB (179)
    D:  CL green chile chicken enchiladas, CL fiesta rice, guac (519)

    consumed:  1526

    E:  3.25 mi cardio; working in the veggie garden (339)

    net:  1187
  • Yay rdr 5 days!!!
    B- hot chocolate, oatmeal with raisins
    L- vegan creamy potato soup homemade
    S- apple
    D- leftover dominos pizza
    S-wine not sure

    E- none unless painting counts....


  • Talk about a useless post... but here goes:

    B: bowl of honey nut cheerios (140c)
    S: peanuts (120c)
    L: no idea
    S: mixed berries (140c)
    D: we're going to a wine tasting called 'Better with Bacon' so probably 1,000,000c

    E: 26 min run (+283c)

    T = 400 - 283 = 117c... leaving me 1100 for lunch and dinner.
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