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I'm so mad at myself

I had to use the restroom last night at work and I had my (relatively) new iPhone in my back pocket.  I took it out so that it wouldn't fall into the toilet and I set it on top of the toilet paper holder.  And forgot to grab it.  Of course someone stole it.  I'm just upset because it was only like a month old and it was my stupid fault for being preoccupied and even taking it in there in the first place. I thought I set up Find My iPhone, but apparently not.  I feel like a moron.

And now I can't get BF the second part of his anniversary gift because I need every penny to be able to afford a replacement.  I'm just so angry at myself.

Thank goodness Verizon makes it a hassle to clear phones that already have numbers attached to them.  It'll be almost worthless to the person or to whomever they give it to.   
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Re: I'm so mad at myself

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    Oh man that sucks. I do the same thing, take it out of my back pocket so it doesn't fall in the toilet and I'm always afraid of leaving it Is there a chance it was turned in to a lost and found or security?

  • I always slip mine into my bra because I'm classy like that.

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    [QUOTE]I always slip mine into my bra because I'm classy like that.
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    I do the same thing!

    OP I'm sorry to hear about losing your phone. If your employer has a security department I would check with them to see if someone turned it in and if not just file a report to cover yourself.

    I don't know about Verizon but if you've been with your carrier long enough, they may be able to sell you a refurbished phone for a lot less until you can upgrade your phone again. I had to do that once when my one cell phone crapped out and I didn't get insurance for it. Sprint sold me a used phone for $80 that held me over for a good year. It was really basic though but it got the job done.

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  • Oh wow, that sucks. Like rdr said, I'd check with lost and found or security before writing off the phone.
  • Definitely check with your employer to see if someone turned it in!  People at my job have a really bad habit of moving things that people left out or forgot, which I suppose is good because they won't get stolen, but it also means they're not where the person left them when they realize and go back.  Maybe someone is holding onto it for you!  Since it's an iPhone I'm assuming it may be locked and they may not know who it belongs to.
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  • Someone stole your phone at work?  I'd be more understanding if it were a public bathroom, but sheesh, but that's pretty disappointing.  Can you send out an email letting people know you lost it?  Offer to let them drop it on your desk anonymously if they're feeling conspicuous.  What a bummer. 

    I don't lose phones, I break them, every time.  Sigh. 
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  • I checked with my supervisor last night and it wasn't turned in before I left.  I spent twenty minutes going around and calling it.  I have a custom ringtone I made so it's got a distinct sound and I couldn't hear it anywhere.  It's a coffee shop, so it's not a huge store.  The bathroom I left it in is one that's used by customers and employees and I keep mentally kicking myself for being so preoccupied that i forgot it.  There's no lock on it or anything.  I have insurance on it (thank goodness for foresight), but apparently they are back ordered for my phone so I have to wait even longer now.  I'm really just hoping I go to work tomorrow and someone has turned it in.
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