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external hard drive- recommendations?

Totally NWR, but we're looking for an external hard drive.  I've had one internal hard drive 'fry' and then a year and a bit later, my laptop was stolen (in a break-in) and I lost a ton of pics and other info.

Ideally, we're looking for a wireless external hard drive.  We're both running Windows laptops, so looking for something that would work with them.  There are a lot of good hard drives that friends are using, but they're all ones that have to be connected with a cord.

Any recommendations for wireless hard drives?

Thanks so much!
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Re: external hard drive- recommendations?

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    I can't comment on wireless, as our takes days to backup, so we used wired.  but DH got us on CrashPlan, which is an online backup service.  He got a discount price on the cost, but that might be a possibility for you as well.  You don't have to worry about the HD getting fried

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    I don't have a wireless one since the majority of them aren't big enough for everything we store on it. (At least when we bought ours.)

    We have a Western Digital one. We have it in a place that we can easily plug in it our laptops and both of our desktops.

    We buy most of our computer stuff from Newegg and generally the reviews are spot on. So I'd suggest checking that out.


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    Both my fiancee and I work in IT.  Western Digital and Seagate are the top two harddrive manufactureres.  I would strongly recommend getting an external drive from either of them.
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    We have a seagate for the PC and I have a Mac so I don't think that will help you. We also have a non wireless one that has a TB of storage. We put all the pics on that one.
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    Funny I just asked my IT brother about one yesterday.  

    I have mac that died (was able to be fixed), but I freaked out that we had not backup all our wedding pictures.  He suggest getting an external from Amazon with  at least a 1TB worth of storage. (he didn't give me a specific brand).  Then he also suggested I go with crashplan or carbonite for an online backup.   He says its better to have both kinds of backup.

    GL, I plan on spending my day doing research today on the subject.

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    That's so funny you mention this - I actually just thought to register for one yesterday! 

    This is one my dad has recommended (and the one we registered for):

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    SeaGate is a good one. Honestly though I prefer wired ones for capacity and partitioning ability.
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    I have a Hitachi one that works just fine (got it on sale on black friday!), but I've always heard great things about Seagate. Those are both in reference to wired ones though; I can't comment on wireless. 
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    Wow!  You guys are great!  Thanks for all of the information.
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