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Bro getting married - Want to get him something special pre-wedding

Hi everyone!
My brother is getting married and I want to get him something special before his wedding.

I got married last summer and he got me a pandora charm the night before my wedding - and I want to do something similar but I am stumped at what to get him!

I wanted to get him cufflinks, but apparently he has some already.

Does anyone have any ideas?

My brother and I are very close and I would like to make this special - we also lost our niece last year and I think it would be nice to incorporate an element of her in the gift (blue was her favourite colour).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

To specify - this isn't a wedding gift, more of something special just for him!


Re: Bro getting married - Want to get him something special pre-wedding

  • get him a watch with a blue face on it.  You can have the back engraved if you like.
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  • You could also give him a handkerchief with a custom message on it, if you are looking for items he will be carrying down the aisle.
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  • A watch and cufflinks are traditional gifts for the bride to give her groom, so I would check with his fiancee about what she is planning on getting him as a wedding present, if anything. It would be really embarrassing to get him the same thing she does on her wedding day.
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