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VENT- engagement pics

My FI's aunt is a professional photographer. She mostly shots nature and such, but even before we got engaged she would tell him that she would give us engagement pictures for free. I am super excited about this, and very grateful!

However, I just need to vent, because we can't ever get them done. Every time we schedule the pics, something interferes. The main problem is rain, which interrupted a great idea to do the shoot in St. Simons. This morning we were supposed to meet her at 8am at our old college where we met. At 6:30 she texted us that she is sick and couldn't do them today.

I'm not at all upset with her, it just sucks that every time something seems to ruin the plans.

Ugh- okay, I just needed to get that out- especially since we woke up at 6am on a Sunday.

Re: VENT- engagement pics

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    I feel your frustration.  Due to weather, the fact that we were in the process of moving, and the fact that our photographer was 2 hours away from where we lived, we had to reschedule our engagment pictures 3 times.  Hopefully you can get them done soon!
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    I can completely understand your frustration, but the weather shouldn't really stop you. We just got our E-pics done and we WANTED it to rain, and it did and they cam out beautifully. Let me see if I can find a way to make the file smaller and I will add here. 
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    Is your FI's aunt also your wedding photographer? The main reason I ask is because most photographers offer a free engagement session when you book them. It's not just about the pictures, it also gives you an opportunity to work with your photographer before the wedding day and get used to being in front of the camera. 
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    Yah, I actually really like the idea of rain pictures, though maybe not all of them. The pics in St. Simons were kind of a mini vacay with his aunt and uncle, but it was really bad storms set for the whole weekend, so it would be borderline unsafe to do the pics during that. Thanks for understanding. I just really had to get it out of my system!
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    I understand the frustration of not being able to get something done when you want to and having to reschedule over and over. But don't worry. You still have 8 months! 

    We're getting married on June 8th and we STILL haven't had our engagement photos taken.

    I've had to cancel and reschedule the date FOUR TIMES since hiring our photographer last July! And not because of bad weather either... Both myself and my FI work crazy hours in the entertainment industry and each time we've had different jobs come up that prevented us from being available. As of now they are scheduled for May 2nd. My fingers are crossed that we actually get to take them. If not, then we'll just do it after the wedding.

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