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Cake question -- cost

I haven't looked into what wedding cakes from bakers cost, but FI and I found one from a food distributor that is awesome. It costs $3 pp - is that about average for a wedding cake with filling? It doesn't have any decorations and will just be served from the kitchen. I want to double check before I tell our caterer to go ahead and order it. TIA!

Re: Cake question -- cost

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Cake question -- cost : The cost of the cake will depend on a number of factors: COL; quality of cake; how well known the baker is; ingredients you want to use and so on.  Check the prices of other comparable bakers in your area and compare.
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    I'll contact a few bakers and check - thanks! I was hoping there was an average price I could compare to, but I guess there are too many variables. Thanks!
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    If you are just looking for averages, here is a site: It does give a low-end, mid-range, and high-end estimate.

    However, there are a lot of factors that go into it so it would be hard to compare apples to apples without talking to some local bakeries that are equal in prestige, prices, and capabilities.
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    To add to the PPs;

    Location is a huge factor. Where I am $3-6/slice is common.

    But you don't necessarily multiply # of slices by the number of guests. A certain size tier might accomodate 50 people, the next level tier might be 30 people. So even though you have 60 guests, you'd be paying for 80 slices (with many vendors anyway).

    Also, the amount of work and material going into a cake adds up. The cake we want has tiny marzipan pumpkins cascading down it. The pumpkins cost $5 each so those add up above and beyond the cost of my base cake.

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    I'd meet with a few bakeries to discuss costs of what you'd like. You may be surprised and find a great deal. Our bakery was much cheaper than what we were expecting based on typical prices in our area, and our cake was the best wedding cake I've ever had.
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    Around me about $4 pp is average. Usually the tiered cakes break down into "per person cost". If you're not getting a tiered cake, you can usually find them cheaper.

    Find a baker that has a cost within your budget and set up an appointment for a tasting. You should do this prior to hiring any baker.
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    Our cake was $1400. We had 120 guests so that's almost $12 per slice. Luckily our venue covered the first $1,000 of it.
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    Tiered cakes do tend to be more expensive but cost can vary even then. What some people do is have a small tiered cake out for display and cake-cutting, and have a sheet cake in the back (same baker, flavour etc) to reduce cost - so depending on what you choose to do (full tiered cake vs sheet cake vs cupcakes), prices can be very different.

    We are doing cupcakes and they are about 2.50-3$ per cupcake.

    ETA: for clarity
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    Our cake is $5/slice and that is very low for NYC
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    Thanks for the responses everyone! Cake wasn't something too high on our priority list, so we haven't done much research at all into it. It seems like $3 pp isn't too shabby compared with the responses, but I'll definitely talk to some bakeries and see what they would charge.
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