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I can not figure out my web site address!

I am trying to do a website on the knot for our reception just so people can get some info, but I do not know what the web address is.  Does anyone know how I would figure that out?

Re: I can not figure out my web site address!

  • TK's tools are always full of problems. You are better off using Weebly or Weddingwire.
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  • If you're set on using TK's website, click on the "My Website" and at the top of the page you should see your URL. If you haven't created the website yet, you'll need set your URL yourself.
  • If you've already made your site, it show up when you got to My Knot, My Website, and the it show up at the top under: 'your personal url' Copy and paste it. It should be along the lines of
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