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Administrative Professional Day

Happy APD to those of you in the field.

Any of your bosses do anything today? Nobody in my office seems to know what today is so nothing special going on here.

Just in case all of you others don't get acknowledged just wanted to give you guys a shout out!

Re: Administrative Professional Day

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    Thanks! :) The ladies in the main office and I are getting lunch catered for us, which is really nice. I've been an admin assistant/receptionist for a long time and this is actually the first year I've ever had anything done.
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    Rice Crispy Treats and Frango chocolates
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    Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all the knotties out there who are administrative professionals!!!

    In my office, it's always a touchy subject.  As a group we have a lunch catered and give gift cards or cash to the secretaries.  Inevitably one or 2 people will give their assigned secretary something extra, causing chaos as the secretaries then talk smack about those that didn't give an extra gift. . . . . it gets ugly!!!
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    Aw, I will take my gif and say thank you!

    My actual boss is at Congress today, and ex-boss is here but clueless.  I did get a "Thank you for all you do!" email from our board chair this morning though.  :)

    Our conference is also this weekend, so everyone else has bigger things on their minds.
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    I'd take the rice krispie treats over anything. Of course, I brought in cupcakes and wedding cake yesterday so there's still a ton of sweets here.

    Looks like it's cake for lunch again today!
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    Our office used to acknowledge Administrative Professionals Day but no longer do. We used to get lunch paid for and a nice card and gift.  Now we don't even get an email thanking us.  Oh well. 
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    We had cake with our admin profs today and gave them cards.  
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