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Desperate mom

If your are going to have 22 round tables that seats 10 people, can I use mixed vases on each tables. Clear, but tall on some table, medium on some tables, and small on some tables.  If I use medium and small vases, some would be round, some would be square. 
What else needs to go on the table besides the medium and small arrangements.  One flower arrangment i think will look to small for that size of table.  Can anyone give me some ideas.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks from a desperate mom.

Re: Desperate mom

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    I think a variety of vases would look pretty. Just as long as you space them out. Other than the centerpiece, all I can think that would need to go on a table would be place settings.
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    How about votive candles or tea lights? And what are you thinking of for table numbers?

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    In Response to <a href="">Re:Desperate mom</a>:
    [QUOTE]Remember that even if the tables look a little "bare" with just the arrangement in the vase, you're going to have 10 glasses, 10 plates, 10 napkins, and 20 hands, arms, and possibly elbows on those tables. It is always irritating to sit at a table with a ton of decoration because it feels cramped.
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    <div>I completely agree with this. We went to a wedding where there were too many decorations on the table because the couple didn't want the tables to 'look bare'. IMO, it was over-done and a pain in the rear because not only did the table look crowded once we were all seated, the decorations also made it difficult to have a discussion with people on the other side of the table. </div>
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