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Bridesmaid Drama - But Looking at the Bright Side

Well lets add a little more stress to the life of a bride who is 2 weeks out from her wedding in addition to - full time work, seating charts, finalizing payments, organizing stuff. We are getting married in 2 weeks and last week his sister sent him a string of texts telling him how awful and controlling I was - that he is miserable - and I make him kiss my ass.  He is reading this and just laughing because he says that everyone around him has just said how happy he seems since meeting me.  This is even funnier because she has seen him maybe 3 times in the last 6 months (not from lack of him trying to get a hold of her to spend time together - she never responds).

So we are still trying to coordinate last minute stuff and his brother in law (sister's husband who is in the wedding) still hasn't gotten fitted for his tux and when we try to contact him to see when he will do it - he just doesn't respond.  So finally FI calls his sister and is like are you in this wedding or not - and she just goes no its all your fault!  He says that he doesn't want it to be like this she is his only sister and she just keeps saying its his fault (I Don't know what for - for not taking her advice and dumping me 3 weeks before the wedding when we are obviously happy together)?  God - the drama is ridiculous!  So now we are one bridal party couple down - and honestly the lighter crowd makes me feel better i am so sick of this needless drama!  Sorry - I just needed to vent.  I swear weddings can bring out the worst in people - but also the best.  As much as I am bitter about what happened with all that - I hurt for my fiance knowing he is hurt that his sister can't support him.  I am so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life who are supporting both of us and have been there through everything.

Re: Bridesmaid Drama - But Looking at the Bright Side

  • Sounds like FI's sister is pretty childish.  Are you sure nothing happened (maybe between you and the sister, or maybe like a fight between you and FI) that could have caused her to all of a sudden want nothing to do with you?  If not, you are wise to ignore the drama.  Your wedding day will go on and your FSIL will look like an assh0le for years to come.
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  • Oh lord this does not sound good and I feel bad for you and your soon to be husband. daveANDkristen is right though that the wedding will go on and she will be the one who is looking badly, not you. However family ties are something that is important. It sounds to me like your soon to be SIL is being very childish and that the soon to be MIL is worse in a few ways. I am not one for judging but I think that a family sit down may be needed to hash out some of these issues and salvage what you can.They may not be comfortable coming to your house so you and your soon to be husband may have to go to them... But you must present yourselves as a united front otherwise they may not take you seriously... Tread lightly and hopefully as time goes by things get patched up... Nothing is immediate but it is something that can be repaired... Take care and hope this helps
  • Is this his only sister?  I ask, because it seems very odd that she has so much drama just before your wedding.  Is it possible that she is jealous of her brother getting married?  Jealous of you going through the wedding process right now and getting attention?  Jealous that there is another "daughter" in the family now? 
    If there are more siblings, none of my arguments hold up as well, since she would have had opportunity to have other women in her family be in the limelight for their weddings.  Unless she is just that type of person.  I don't know her, but it just seems really odd that she tried to stop the wedding from happening by telling your FI to break up with you.  So weird! 

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