AW Wed: Tell us your WR and NWR checks here!

Anything to AW? Is anyone done with work yet??

My AW is that our Honeymoon is booked!!! Officially put down our 50% deposit for a private safari in Tanzania followed by 3 beach days in Zanzibar.  It's pricey, but it's our honeymoon/my graduation present to ourselves.  I am SO excited for it!

Re: AW Wed: Tell us your WR and NWR checks here!

  • md - Congrats on booking your honeymoon! That sounds like an absolutely amazing trip!

    Not much on the wedding front, but my fiance had a business trip in Vegas last week and I went out halfway through the week for fun. Spur of the moment, we ended up going to the grand opening of the Kardashian's new store in The Mirage. I'm not a big Kardashian fan (and my fiance isn't AT ALL, so he got major points for going), but my sisters made us swear we'd go and take pictures. We ended up getting really close to the red carpet and got some great pictures. They are all absolutely gorgeous in person.

    Happy holidays, everyone!  Safe travels to those who are on the road and in the air.
  • I got my wedding dress last Saturday! There was some initial drama with my mom because I also invited my stepmom and FMIL to come, but it turned out to be a wonderful day. I got Maggie Sottero Beatrice with a crystal belt around it, and cannot WAIT to see it again. Also, my magnet save the dates from VistaPrint should come in today!
  • Hi All - MD congrats on your check! Our wedding checks include - Got the contract for our Bon Voyage brunch at the hotel the morning after The wedding - Bridesmaids dresses are in! - Appt made to pick my veil for first week in January - Locatin of honeymoon decided - St. Martin - and I think we know where we will be staying as well - So long as both sides of the family are okay with the venue on Friday our rehearsal dinner will be booked for The Schenley Cafe right in Schenly park. So things are slowly falling into place... And by the way - thanks everyone for bringing up and discussing tanning - very helpful!
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  • Mandie - Congrats on your dress and the STDs - I loved my VistaPrint STDs!
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  • Wow MD- that sounds Awesome! I'm sure you two are gonna love it!

    I dont have any new checks :( lol hopefully this weekend (since I will be in Pgh) I should have my cake check and my hair stylist check. *FINGERS CROSSED*

    Mandiebva - The Beatrice is really pretty. Good pick!

    Congrats everyone else on the checks!
  • md- that sounds like such an awesome trip! So jealous!

    WR checks:
    -bough a gazillion stamps for all our wedding related mail
    -booked hair stylist
    -finalized invite design

    Married! :) 5/19/12 The Domesticals

  • Looks likes everyone is making progresss!! 

    WR:BM dresses came in (note: MB Bride NEVER calls when my dresses come in, very annoying. I've had to call every time)
    *Got enough picture frames for the "extra" room we have
    *Got our invites all set up, we should be printing next week on first week of Jan!
    *Booked our rehearsal, well my FMIL did! It's my Families, FI, and I's Favorite restaurant!

    NWR: I think I got my my Christmas Shopping done! yay!

    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
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