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MUA/Do it Myself?

I've been considering doing my makeup myself. I usually get compliments about makeup on a daily basis, and have done two makeup trial. One at MAC and wasn't impressed, it was good but I know I can do the same thing. Other people tell me I will be a nervous wreck that day and shouldn't risk it. What do you think?

Re: MUA/Do it Myself?

  • I have asked my sister to do my makeup for me. If you're confident and are happier with what you do, why spend the $ on something that you're not impressed with?
  • I'm getting a make-up artist because I don't wear make-up on a day-to-day basis and therefore know very little about make-up application. I also want to make sure I use someone who knows how to make make-up look good for pictures and although I did my own make-up for our engagement photos, I'd prefer someone else do it for the most important pics.

  • My hairstylist is doing mine. She's my friend's cousin so I know her pretty well.


  • I'm in the same situation. I wear a (decent?) amount of makeup on a day to day basis - blush, some eyeshadow, some liner, lipstick...and I can totally do it myself and have when I have been in weddings, but I'm nervous to do it myself the day of.

    However, I don't want to look like a hooker.  I'm debating setting up a makeup trial, and I have contacted a few muas, and one is booked my day, one I'm not sure I love her samples, and one I really like hasn't written back. Ugh!

    I would say do another trial (3rd times a charm!) but if you don't like them, then do it yourself the day of.
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  • I -think- my sister's going to attempt mine.  Mostly because I'm frustated that all the MUAs around here are so dang expensive!  I don't mind paying a reasonable amount, but come on!  $200 or $300 for 1 trial and the day of make up?!  Give me a break.  Or maybe I'm just that cheap.  At least I know if big sis does it, we can do LOTS of trials over the next few months, and if she doesn't feel comfortable, I'll hire someone then.

    I've also considered asking my hairstylist if it comes down too it as well.  Or seeing if she knows someone!
  • My hairstylist is doing mine mostly because other than the rare lipstick on occasion I have never worn makeup in my life and I would have no idea what I was doing. My hairstylist is a long time friend of my FI's family so I trust her to make me look nice.
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