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I need a little help. I am the only daughter, my mom has started a fight with one of my bridesmaid about her giving opinions. She doesnt want her to overwhelm me with a bunch of stuff. My mom has made it a big point im HER daughter (and basically shes always right or the boss). I am stressed out and I still have little over a yr to go till the wedding. How do I nicely get my mom to understand she is stressing me out and she isnt the boss and doesnt dictate everything. Shes my mom and I love her but she can be a control freak and I think everyone feels like there on thin ice around her. Help?

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    If it were my mom, I would take her aside and gently let her know that her starting a fight with your bridesmaid upset you and that the bridesmaid was only trying to help. Let her know that while you appreciate her input, you will make the choices that fit what you and your fiance want.

    That said, is she contributing any money to the wedding? If she is, keep in mind that money often means strings, and she gets some say. If that is the case ask her if there is some way you can compromise so you don't end up with a wedding that you don't want.


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