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Calorie count opinions

So, I've been using MFP for about a month now, and I guess after the success of the first week especially, I was hoping for more consistent loses over the next few weeks.  I'm still so glad it got me past the plateau I was on for multiple months, and it definitely has gotten me increasingly more aware of what I am eating, and active as a whole.  I feel like I've worked really hard lately, harder than I have in a while, and I feel more committed to it (and I know, that's the whole point!).  My thought is that I feel like since I have worked that hard, that the scale would also be showing it a little more than it has.  I've heard multiple people talk on here about how they make the decision to eat over what MFP recommends because that is what their body responds to, or using the TDEE method instead.  Is is possible that I still need to increase my calories further to lose more at this point?  And what is TDEE anyway?  I'm starting to get very frustrated with feeling like I left it all out on the floor for a few ounces of loss inconsistently.  Help?  Please and thank you :)
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Re: Calorie count opinions

  • pt-are you krose on mfp?  I'm trying to keep all of the usernames between the boards straight :)
  • No, same as on here.  ptrose13
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  • Well, I had a lot of feedback for krose :)  That girl needs to eat more!

    Nevertheless, MFP friend request sent. :)  I'm not sure if your diary is public, but that could maybe identify a trouble spot before jumping straight to the 'up your calories' option.  There are also a ton of factors to consider - how much you really have left to lose, how much muscle you're gaining, if you're accurately counting exercise burn (so many of us are too quick to underestimate) or if your higher activity level has increased your metabolism to the point that you need to jump up to a slightly higher base activity level.

    That said, a lot of girls have had luck with the TDEE.  My body, not so much.
  • Have you been taking measurements? If you're doing any kind of weightlifting, you may be losing inches, but it's not showing on the scale because you're building muscle at the same time.

    Also, after a month, it's possible you just need to switch up your routine...add some variety into your diet and/or try some new exercises. You gotta always keep your body guessing :)
  • I have not taken any measurements.  I do have a scale that measures body fat as well though.  My body fat has gone down roughly 2% since starting MFP.  In my routine I do do a good amount of circuit training/weights, and my body does tend to be more muscular.  I've felt a little progression in that area (number of pushups, etc), but I certainly don't plan on doing pushups in my dress in November, lol :)

    As far as calories go, my daily number to hit on MFP is 1550, which I pretty easily get daily or try to fall just under, and I also make sure to try to eat most if not all of the exercise calories back as well on workout days.  I've learned my lesson on undereating during the plateu I was on forever.

    For what to eat, I'm sure I could do better, I'd be a fool to say I couldn't.  I don't try to aim for any certain level of carbs/proteins/fats.  On most days I end up over protein on MFP (though I've heard it estimates low anyway), and usually under for carbs and fat by a little. The other number I am usually consistently over is sodium, which I know is a concern for multiple reasons- it's tough to find stuff without it these days!
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  • While I don't doubt your body fat is down, those scales are terrible and often so inaccurate.  Def start doing some measuring.

    Sodium could have you retaining more, then.  Also, look at other potential culprits, like sugar (though I discount fruit and other natural sugars) and any macros.

    Is your workout and meal plan rather consistent?  If so, entropic's idea might be right on, that your body has gotten comfortable and needs changes to wake it up.  I'd say try messing around with different types of workouts, and taking a day to eat more carbs/less protein or something similar to 'shock' your system.  If still nothing in the next week or two, then maybe TDEE is worth a try.

    Also, do remember that if you're in the last 10-20 lbs (which I do not know if you are) then the weight you're losing at the pace you're losing is totally normal.  That's been the story of my life for the past few months.
  • Oops, forgot that part, no, I still have a lot to lose.  I'm nowhere near my end- and it's not that I have unrealistic numbers in my head either.  If I were to go by the recommended weight for my height, I'd have about 80 or more pounds to lose from where I am now.  My goal is more like 45 from where I am now.
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